Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kohler K157 Undermount Tub Installation Kit: used with K-899-G Bubble Massage Tub

The following photos showcase the latest undermount tub installation I have on the go.  For know a picture post showing a few key steps or concepts I'm working on.  The tub is made by Kohler and comes with a large template for the stone or tile installer.

I worked today on removing the recess between the future stone and the tub's deck.  The template shows a flat surface when in fact the edge is contoured and the drawings also fail to show adhesive to set the tub in place or any waterproofing of any kind.

Time to get creative. I waterproofed the tub deck with Laticrete Hydro Ban Sheet Membrane (olive green membrane in photos).  The plastic tile edging shown is 3/16" thick.  The tile just there to represent the future 3cm solid composite stone.

Installation Photos

Photo of Kohler Undermount Template Bath 892 AA 899 AA

Kohler 1160163-7-a
Kohler 1160163-7-a

Kohler 1160163-7-a
Kohler 1160163-7-a

Pictures from a couple weeks back

Kohler 1160163-7-a
Kohler 1160163-7-a

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tile to Hardwood Transition: barrier free shower considerations

Typically a tile to hardwood transition is not a huge deal.  Not something to consider or even plan ahead.  But what about when your bathroom door is only a foot away from the bedroom.  Lets say your barrier free curbless shower is also right there.

This transition from the bathroom tile to the bedroom's hardwood also acts as a secondary capillary break.

You can see that the transition is a stainless steel tile edging.  The hardwood guys left a back bevel cut on the flooring but shimmed the floor up so that I need to shim the transition and the tile guys had to set the floor tile heavy.

These are all little things but all add to the complexity of the bathroom build.  Did the tile guy use a medium bed thin-set?  Not sure.

Notice where I installed the transition. Right on the center mark of the door.  That is where it should go and looks the best.  This door is really close to the shower entry.  The shower has no curb - no dam and a primary capillary break is installed only 12" or so from this secondary break.  These capillary breaks something I insist on, on my shower builds and something that I picked up from studying the Australian Shower Proofing Code Books.

Hope this helps.  I will be adding a detailed post of photos fot these two capillary breaks this week.  Those of you with the password should like this photo album.  I took a ton of pictures showing the steps and the progress work.

It's hard to see from this picture but I had to remove the ouzze out of the hardwood glue from the bathroom first.  Then I did not like that the floor was raised so much.  When I pressed hard on it could  sink it a little so I used wedge shims to stop this.

I did not want water ever making it this far so I treated this spot as a second capillary break.

These photo's below showing a Marble Tile transitioning into Engineered Hardwood Floors.  The wood cheated up a little with shims, glued and braced with the weight of a glue bucket. If you see glue ooze out like this resist the urge to wipe it with a rag.  It is easier to cut out later.

The wood was shimmed a little to meet the 5/8" Tile Transition.  The white tile is carrera marble 1'x2'.

The pails of Mapei Ultrabond ECO 975 are very heavy and help brace this wood while the glue kicks off and starts setting up.

In the photo below the hardwood is not yet installed.  So I measured the other doors in the home to work out where the floor will end up.  The hardwood installed later asked me to feather out the floor a little so he can try and time out the levels better.  I will give it a slight tweak sometime today or tomorrow.